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The thought of someone taking their own life intentionally, to me, is absolutely terrifying. And then my thoughts turn to thinking of what would happen and how I would feel if someone I knew committed suicide. Even thinking about someone I barely know just dying is enough to turn my feelings down.

The same day I made this site, I found out that both my Uncle and Grandfather had committed suicide. I never really knew how they died until dinner the day I put up this site, and I had just finished making this just a couple hours before...

Two other people that I have known, both young teenage boys, have taken their own lives. When I first heard the news, I immediately felt sorry for them, and everybody they knew and were close to. One had hung himself and the other shot himself.

My intentions for this site is that at least one person who is seriously considering suicide somehow stumbles across this page, and changes their mind. Also, this site is meant to spread the news about the realities of suicide.

I was finally convinced to construct this web site after I found a little true story (in an e-mailing list that I subscribe to) about one of the many people who has almost turned to suicide as a way out:

this is for all the people who have or is planning to attempt suicide...(i was one of the attempters) cousin was sick from the time he was born. he was very weak. he was 10 when he died but not taller than about 3 feet. his eyesight was a problem too. just a child and he had to wear thick glasses, thicker than mine and i am a 525 (i wear contacts). to this day i don't really undersatand what it was because his parents never really wanted to say...but i remember one specific memory when they use to visit from ontario canada. my cousin had tubes inside his body and one came out through his stomach. we were playing (he has a 6 year old bro) and the cap to the tube fell out and all this stuff came pouring out. it was digested food...he couldnt even eat either he had to eat special liquidy food. neway he knew he was sick but he was always happy. u would never see him sad or angry...but this spring he got pnemonia and he was too weak. he was in the hospital for months...he couldnt talk nor walk. he got some strength and parents fought 2 bring him home so he came home but he had to be hooked up to this oxygen tank...but he had another attack and the doctors didnt know what to do nemore because he was too weak (theyve been workiing w/ him since he was a baby)......all he was begging 4 was an ounce of life and just a year ago i was trying to take mine because i thought i had problems...i was so stupid to try to throw my life away and there he was begging for just a little life to go on... it was so the last minute he was telling his dad he didnt want to die that he wanted to live...and then his lungs colappsed and he went brain dead and passed...but he died with a smiling face...i know he's someplace better...i know he's in a better life...neway for the suicide people: yes i know we all have problems and life just doesnt seem worth it anymore but u dont understand how lucky u r to be some people beg, need just an ounce to live...even if their life was full of problems, they still wanted it back...and i just feel so stupid and selfish to have even tried to throw mine away and i know now it will never even cross my mind. please u have to listen to me...i know; i am one of u...u dont understand ....and i dont want something to happen to u like what happened to me with my cousin before u realize it or before u throw it away....please

After I decided I was going to put up an Anti-Suicide site, I searched for statistics over the web. And I found some pretty scary ones at that:

Stats from:

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